Ligarba Travel

The day we first embarked on our journey with dreams waiting to be realized in our pockets, our amateur spirit fortified with courage and excitement we have never relinquished has carried us to the present. With more than 20 years of experience accumulated in the sector, the professional competence we built on solid foundations has created a brand-new agency awareness that makes a difference with its original service approach; Ligarba Tourism. We have always laid the foundations of our next goal in every success we have attained through the years, as we always kept fresh our commitment of adding value to domestic and global tourism.

Throughout the years we have invested in the travel industry, we have remained unwavering to the principle of not compromising our service quality even for a moment. We have been encouraged by the belief we have and the major goals we have set ourselves. While our vision is always to do better, keep abreast with the latest developments and blaze a path that will be followed after us, our mission is to reflect all our new experiences onto our service quality with our professional team in order to develop immediate solutions to requirements that change with each passing day.

As one of the pioneering agencies of the sector since 1994, Ligarba Tourism has adopted the principle of adapting rapidly to the requirements of the age by tracking current trends in order to provide the best possible service in all conditions. In our age, where time whizzes by faster with every passing day, Ligarba continues to offer the highest quality service to its customers in the fastest and most economical manner. Moreover, the service it provides guests is not limited for certain durations. From the moment our firm opened its doors for business, we have adopted a transparent service concept by preserving the convenience of being accessible around the clock for all our current clientele or have worked with or provided services in the past.

Ligarba Tourism operates to meet the full capacity of all queries and requirements it encounters in every situation and moment that is deemed necessary. The company has once again proved its service quality since it became a member of IATA in 2011.

Dedicated to the importance of human-oriented service concept as its priority, Ligarba Tourism aims to earn people before commercial gain. Therefore, its biggest gain is not the financial returns of services provided, but also the words of satisfied customers which are accompanied by a pair of happily laughing eyes.

With over 20 years of experience in a sector which it has played a pioneering role, Ligarba Tourism offers all the services that meet your requirements and needs of today’s rapidly changing world. Our firm strives hard to ensure our valued customers are pleased with the best quality and economic conditions.

I sincerely hope your desire to discover the beauties of our country and the world will multiply exponentially.

General Manager

Bizi Arayın