Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets

As a member of IATA, our travel agency is authorized to write up airline tickets for any airline company in the world. Thus, it is fully equipped to meet all the needs of its customers without the

With a team specialized in ticket reservations and flight tracking and a sales team focused on customer satisfaction, Ligarba has undertaken your flight organizations with the most suitable conditions and superior service quality for many years. Our ticketing team ensures travellers reach their destinations in the most comfortable and economical manner possible. Our goal is to both save our customers valuable time as well as eliminate unnecessary and tiresome transfers by researching alternative air travel and itinerary options. Consequently, we design the most convenient itineraries possible for their trips.

Ligarba Turizm - Uçak bileti - IATA

Please contact us for all your flight ticket needs… The address for economic tickets is Ligarba Turizm…Her türlü uçak bileti ihtiyaçlarınız için bizimle temasa geçiniz… Ekonomik biletin adresi Ligarba Turizm’dir…

China Domestic Flight Tickets

The follow-up process begins after the most suitable flight ticket is drawn up. Therefore, our service scope does not end at your point of purchase. Having mastered the personal preferences of our customers, our ticket team  plans all the details of the flight itinerary in order not to give rise to any unpleasant surprises. Dining and seating preferences are determined and reservations are confirmed. Guests who are members with any airline mileage program can access their accrued privileges by entering their mile club card number. In case of any last-minute changes in flight scheduling, information regarding the affected airline is relayed to our customers as soon as possible, and trips are then reorganized according to new flight information. In case of an emergency situation, do not hesitate to contact our experienced ticket staff night or day without worrying about time differences in order to have the opportunity to make an update that most suits your needs.

Just as you may acquire your international airline tickets through our agency, you can also plan your domestic flights and organize your travel arrangements. For all your domestic flights, our agency is an authorized sales agent with Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, Pegasus Airlines, SunExpress and Onur Airlines.

Granted direct authorization from airline companies such as Air China and China Southern Airlines to draw up tickets for flights between Turkey and China, Ligarba Tourism is an authority when it comes to Far East Asia tourism. Moreover, you can also book Chinese domestic flights with our agency with promotional prices in China. Türkiye’den Çin seyahatinizin yurt içi ve dışı tüm uçuşlarını en ekonomik haliyle organize edebilir, biletlerinizi kolaylıkla temin edebilirsiniz. You can book and purchase the mot economic domestic and international flights for your China’s domestic and foreign travel from Turkey.  

Ligarba Turizm Çin İç Hat Uçak Biletleri
Toy Airplane on Map of China. Shallow depth of field from use of macro lens. “Çin İç Hat Uçak Biletlerinizi Acentamız üzerinden Çin’den satın alıyormuş gibi uygun fiyata temin edebilirsiniz.”
Turkish Airlines - Çin Havayolu Şirketleri - Çin iç hat Uçak Bileti - Ekonomik Uçak Biletleri

Why Should I Buy My Flight Ticket From A Travel Agency?

Uçak Biletimi Neden Seyahat Acentesinden Almalıyım?

You can buy your flight ticket from your travel agency, the internet, the airline’s office or a different sales channel. Alright; What if we told you that buying your flight ticket through a travel agency has more advantages than other options? Let’s take a look at these advantages.

Uçak Biletimi Neden Seyahat Acentesinden Almalıyım?
  1. When buying plane tickets, we do not always go from one point to another and return, or there may not be a direct flight to the city we want to fly to. In such cases, we need to purchase multiple and/or connecting flights. In this case:
    1. You should be informed about the transit visa status of the airport (country-city) to which the transfer will be made. You should be informed about the country’s transit visa rules. Otherwise, you may have to stay at the airport and return.
    2. If the flight to be continued from the transfer point will not be with the same airline; Finding the airline that has an agreement with the airline that made the first flight and purchasing the connection in this way can create serious price differences in terms of fees. Expert ticket sales personnel will provide this to you and it will benefit you both in terms of connection time-convenience and price.
    3. There may be more than one airport or more than one terminal of an airport in the city to which the transfer will be made. In this case; Airport and terminal information is very important. Due to the visa situation, you may not be able to transfer to the other airport / terminal, and travel may turn into a nightmare.
  2. When buying tickets from ticket sales channels, tickets are issued according to the current class. But after your travel agent has booked tickets for you; Until the ticket option is full, it helps you to buy your flight ticket cheaper by writing a reserve for cheaper classes. Buying plane tickets on more economical terms is a follow-up job; ticket staff will do this for you. Moreover; if you have a membership card such as Elite, Gold, Platinum belonging to the airline company; By entering this into the backup reservation, the ticket staff will ensure that the price of your ticket is reduced and/or the reservation is confirmed.
  3. Following up your travel visa, hotel, flight ticket needs through the same agency; It helps the elements that make your trip a whole to be prepared in a coordinated manner and to avoid any problems. Many people who buy their tickets for their travels online have to change their tickets by paying high change fees because they do not know / cannot predict the visa process time.
  4. Satın alınmış olan uçak bilet değişikliği; yalnızca, bileti kesen acente ve hava yolu şirketi tarafından yapılabilir. Sürekli bilet alan müşteriler bilet satış personeli ile 7/24 temasa geçip, ihtiyacı olan değişikliği kolayca yaptırabilirler. Yurt dışında iken atacağınız bir mail veya mesaj ile biletinizde istediğiniz değişikliği yapma imkanına sahip olursunuz.
  5. Your travel agency will make recommendations when making your flight ticket reservation, taking into account the Miles Program card you have. For example; Since Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, a customer who has a Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles card is chosen by an airline that is also a member of the Star Alliance group so that they can earn miles on this flight and benefit from Lounge services at airports.
  6. Depending on your company’s ticket volume, you can get discounts on every flight thanks to the Corporate Club membership that can be purchased from the airline company.
  7. When there are 10 or more people on the trips, your travel agency will request a group price for you and help make your trip more economical.
  8. Your travel agent can book a seat for you as soon as the ticket is issued. You choose the seat you want to sit in without having to wait for the online check-in to open.
  9. Thanks to the systems used by the travel agency, any cancellation and delay information that may occur in your flight is displayed on your agency’s screen and transmitted to the passenger; the passenger is prevented from going to the area early unnecessarily. If the changed flight is not suitable for the passenger, the refund procedures are made by the agency.
  10. The promotions made by the airline companies are notified to the customers by the travel agency and tickets are provided at an economical price.

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