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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
-Gustav Flaubert


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Black Sea; It awaits you with its natural beauty, historical background and attractive lush mountains...


With Ligarba Travel, you can perform all your visa procedures; You can obtain your flight tickets from our agency, which is a member of IATA, under the most favorable conditions; You can discover the beauties and culture of our country with our Turkey Tours.

Safranbolu Tour

Are you ready for this wonderful tour where you can see the culture of Safranbolu, the historical Safranbolu houses dating back a century, the architectural structure of the houses, and the museums describing its history?

Aegean Delight Tour

Aegean Region is one of the most popular regions of Turkey. Are you ready to see the culture of the Aegean people, greenery, beautiful blue sea, Ancient Cities that have survived centuries ago and more?

Cuba Photography Tour

Would you like to immortalize Cuba's colorful houses, antique vehicles, nature and more with your photo frames? You can also leave your Cuba Visa procedures to our expert visa team.

Dubai Tour

Dubai is one of the 7 countries of the United Arab Emirates. A wonderful tour experience for those who are curious about Dubai with its magnificent architecture...

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can complete your tour reservation quickly and completely with our tour team by contacting our agency. Click to get more information.

What is a Visa?

Just having a passport is not enough for some countries in your international travels. In order to enter or leave the country you want, a permit approved by the competent authorities is required next to the passport. In short, we call this permit document a visa.

How to Apply for a Visa?

You can go to visa application centers, consulates or embassies to create the visa application of the country you want to travel to. Before applying for a visa, you must first have your passport. In some countries, the visa application can be made online. Here, it is important that the individual applies himself.

Detailed Information About Visa

Your visa, which is an important part of your travels abroad; to have it quickly, economically and without any problems; It depends on the execution of your transactions by a team of experts and professionals in visa consultancy services. Completing your documents accurately and completely and entering your information correctly are some of the most important steps for obtaining a visa.  You can contact  our expert team to learn other important points and get detailed information.

The simplest mistake that can be made while making your visa application can cause your visa application to be rejected. Due to this situation, it will have a negative effect on you as a waste of time and money at the same time, as well as a negative situation for your next visa application.

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